Emojis! =)

When I was not yet going out with now Hubby, we did not talk much.  However, there were some incidents here and there leading up to our courtship that we do remember fondly.  Now that we are married, I ask him to tell me those stories over and over again.

One of them involves an emoji.  We were going over to a family’s house for lunch, and I happened to be grabbing potato salad for the event.  I was running late.  A certain boy was busy barbecuing in the backyard and texted me to say something like “Take your time.  We’ll save food for you =)”.  I remember getting that text while I was on the way to the store with someone I can’t remember who, and smiling to myself.  “How nice!” I thought.  But I also had another thought cross my mind, “He used a smiley face.  That’s interesting… he’s never done that before.  I wonder if he likes me?  But he could be just a nice person.  Hm.  Whatever!”  When I got to the house, I went to say hi to the boys barbecuing.  Hubby remembers that hello very clearly.  I guess it was the first time I actually came to say hi to him?  So there you have it.  The moral of the story is, be careful about sending emojis, guys.  Unless of course if that’s what you’re going for, then send away!

Summer is almost here, and the teachers and students are all counting the days.  I myself have some projects I want to work on, including finishing Marie Kondo’s book about tidying up and cleaning out the mess that is my closet.  I’ve been looking into different options for my old clothes, from donating to selling both locally and online.  Sometimes I get lost in the research and information out there.  It is the same for cooking.  There are just so many recipes to try, and not enough time in life to get through all of them!  I don’t know if it’s because I’m 27 now, but time seems awfully short.  The amount of things I could possibly learn is endless, never mind the things I could do.  I also have a little bit of an itch to bake.  My KitchenAid mixer is sitting somewhere in our kitchen all by itself.  It might just be time to bring it out, now that we’ve finally adjusted the height!  But really, where are my priorities?  Often I feel I am spread thin in my head.  So I curl up into a ball and watch the latest YouTube videos or check on my Neko Atsume cats.  Let me just close my eyes, and sleep.



Variety really is the spice of life it seems.  Okay, not entirely, but I do appreciate variety quite a bit.  However, while singing “God’s kingdom today is a real exercise”, I also appreciated regulation in my living.  As I blog at 11:30pm.  Yes.

New faces today.  Love watching how dynamics change amongst a group and also love when you realize someone has a sense of humor that was hidden all along.  It’s like a mystery that is broken.  Kind of.  Or maybe it’s more like a little fish that jumped out of its fish bowl.  I’m asking, “What are you doing here?  Get back to where you belong..  Wait that was pretty cool, how did you do that?”

N said that her cat catches flies (and then eats them).  Gross, but one more reason why I maybe should get a cat.  E is like “YES.”

I am starting to really like driving, especially when there are other brains in the car.  Sometimes though, the brains are a tiny bit too talkative, and then I’m like, “Yes, I know, the light is green”.  But hey, I admit, it is a legitimate comment.

Our apartment is hot right now.  It’s odd, since the air outside isn’t very warm.  Our air-con is on, but it seems like it isn’t working too well.  Not sure why.  I guess there are some downsides to an old Victorian house after all, but I still really like it here.  Someone will be coming to look at the hole in my window tomorrow, so hopefully we shall get it fixed.

This post is getting to be too mundane, so that’s a call for bedtime for me.