21-day Sugar Detox

I’m not into detoxes.  I’m really not.  I lumped them into all the other fads that I heard about growing up.  Atkins, lemon-juice cleanses, the like.  But then the other day I got an email from the Instant Pot group (what?) about the 21-day Sugar Detox!  And it actually intrigued me.  Like, I actually considered doing it.  But first I had to do some research.  Most of what I’ve read so far seems reasonable, not too far-fetched or crazy.  The only thing that is weird is the no fruit thing.  I’m also considering how I want to do this, and maybe even just borrowing the book somehow and planning out my own recipe schedule.  I need a buddy though.  CC said she might do it with me, after the graduation hoopla is over, because you know, wedding coming up.  So I might have a buddy!  I would have asked my hubby, but I feel bad because he’s got a big sweet tooth!  But he might be down.  Mainly, I’m just super bloated lately, so I want to see if this kind of diet would help.  It doesn’t seem too extreme, which floats my boat, and seems logical enough.  Meanwhile, I’ve got sweet potatoes baking in the oven..


Eat By Date

I have this weird thing where when I have leftover groceries from a recipe, I don’t use them up immediately because I don’t want to eat the same thing two days in a row.  What happens is that the grocery, in this case, asparagus, sits in the fridge.  It sits in the fridge for maybe a week before I realize, “OMG, I forgot about that.”  I immediately wonder, “Is it still good?”  and because I’m too scared to check, I LEAVE IT IN THERE to check later.  It’s the most illogical thing ever, but the fear prevails.  -_____-  I know, I know.

So days pass, and the asparagus is nagging me from the bottom of our fridge, but I can’t bring myself to look.  I’m afraid of what I might find.  Finally, when it’s time to clean out the fridge because we’re going on a trip, I take it out, and Google “How do you know if asparagus is bad?”  The asparagus doesn’t smell so good, but the texture isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The appearance has definitely changed.  It’s definitely not firm anymore, and I even found one stalk that had what looked like mold!  (OK, it was definitely mold)  But some of the stalks seem like they’re firm enough to still eat?  Maybe?  Do I risk it?  So I go through the asparagus, and think to myself, well maybe if I cook it, it’ll be okay, because I hate throwing out food.  I rinse them, even snap them up into bite sized pieces.  But a twinge of doubt is there.

So then I do some more Googling and ask, “When is it okay to just cut off moldy parts and eat the rest?”  Apparently, according to USDA, hard veggies and hard cheese where mold is part of the process are O-K.  Everything else, nope.  The asparagus?  I think it’s hard but porous enough to be considered a soft veggie, which is what USDA considers cucumber.  Bah.  I guess I’m throwing my asparagus away.

So I guess this is my umpteenth lesson that I should just use up everything, but then I end up with oddly ratio’d meals.  What is a girl to do?  Have asparagus two days in a row?  Does it freeze well?  That’s a Google search for another time.

Meanwhile, I have some sirloin (I think?) defrosting.  What to do with it?


Seriously I’ve been feeling like I’ve been in a slump.

Which generally prompts questions like– Should I go paleo?

It doesn’t help that I have a cankersore in my mouth.  I had one last week, and then another one popped up!  Boo.  It makes my lower lip all swollen too.  Apparently, honey may help heal it faster, as well as taking the supplement L-Lysine.

Now I know why my mom used to have me take that!  She wasn’t just making it up.

But unfortunately, the world of supplements is a mysterious and thus risky one, and I’m not so sure I’m ready to jump in.

Sick, yet again.

My hubby and I have both been sick for what seems like an eternity.  Just kidding, it hasn’t been that long, maybe a few weeks.  Anyway, it has been longer than either of us anticipated.  First him, then me.  Interestingly, we have different illnesses.  Today, Hubby asked for soup.  Lucky for him, I was thinking exactly the same thing!  So today, instead of making Home Chef dinner number 2, I’m making Asian chicken soup, yet again.  I don’t have green onions, so the simple chicken drumsticks, ginger, water, and rice wine will have to do.

I’m starting to really like chicken drumsticks.  You know why?  Because I don’t have to touch them at all.  No butterflying, no hacking, no stuffing, nothing.  They either get thrown into the pot for soup, or picked up once to put into a pan to brown.  And that, my friends, for a germaphobe like me, is wonderful.  They have skin, bone, AND meat.  I took them for granted because Mother suggested them to me, and you know if Mom suggests it, how great can it really be?  Sorry Mom.  Turns out Mother is a genius.  I already knew that, but this just reaffirms it once again.

Sick people in the house, Asian-style.

So the sick person in my house requested Jiu Niang because I decided I wanted to go to Ranch 99 for a cornish hen.  I wanted to get a cornish hen because I wanted all the parts of the chicken (or hen?) for soup!  Because supposedly there are healing things in there.  Anyway, apparently jiu niang is something that makes him feel better too.  It’s one of the foods of my childhood that I’m not a fan of.  Fermented rice soup.  My memories of it involve Mommy telling me to drink it, and me being like, this tastes funny, and her being like, it’s good for you.  Oh wait, that applies to a lot of other things I ate too.

Yes this post has all kinds of errors in it, but I’ll edit later!  Gotta run to get some chicken bones!


Here is my end result!


I don’t know what it tastes like because Sickie is asleep still.  I’m scared to try it.  I also put way too much fermented rice for the amount of water, compared to all the recipes I saw online, so I just hope it still tastes okay, and that I don’t accidentally intoxicate my spouse.  Those bits and pieces are osthmanthus flowers, not bugs, by the way, in case you were wondering (because I was).


Chicken Soup

The problem with being an American-born Chinese person is that when it comes to sick people in the house and making chicken soup, I inevitably have to ask,

“Should I make Asian chicken soup or American chicken soup?”

Because Asian chicken soup has less ingredients and chopping involved, Asian it was.  Hoorah.

Also attempted a mochi cake using hazelnut milk and almond milk instead of regular milk!  I think the initial consistency was rather thick with just the hazelnut, so then I may have added too much almond milk to compensate.  The result was a rather unformed cake.  However, it is still tasty.  Verdict?  I would make that substitution again, as long as it is just mochi cake I’m dealing with.


Autoimmune Paleo

Since the first time I heard about the paleo diet, I thought it was another one of those trends.  This girl’s story about her health and recovery though has been really interesting to me.  Especially the part about her being a vegan, supplementing, and then her doctor breaking it to her that she had never been able to get patients like her to a healthy state while they weren’t eating meat.  Interesting, because I never hear this.  I know quite a number of vegans and vegetarians who are adamant about their diets for animal cruelty reasons, and it’s true that the practices surrounding meat in our society are disappointing.  However, I’ve always felt that there was risk involved in eliminating meat from a diet, without very firm reason as to why.

This, unfortunately, is not a ton of help to me, since I am not a vegan or a vegetarian.  But it’s food for thought.