Kitchen Fails

It’s been awhile since a cooking fail story!  Luckily we have one today.

Everyone, do not attempt to cook a thick piece of top sirloin steak on the stovetop the way you did every other steak.  It will be tough and take forever.  You will be chewing and chewing and chewing.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with taking Blue Apron recipes, and recreating them with my own ingredients.  The only problem is, they don’t always specify exactly how much or what.  Like, two steaks.  Ok, so I can buy any two steaks right?  Even though I’ve never actually cooked those other kinds of steaks?  Just as long as it has the word “steak” on the label right? WRONG..  I mean, I should’ve known, but in a lapse of judgment and an attempt to get the biggest bang for my buck, I bought the wrong kind!  I kind of knew I had a problem on my hands when I took it out of the package and determined, it was indeed, a bit more than an inch thick.  And I did think about cutting them in half, but not long enough to actually think that it was a good idea.  So I cooked them.  I turned it on all sides.  I stuck the meat thermometer in them more than four times hoping for steak that was not mooing anymore.  So that’s the lesson learned for today.   Also, taste your salsa before you keep adding more lemon to it, because probably your lemon is bigger than the grocery store lemons, especially if it comes from your in-law’s tree!

DH says I don’t need to keep making gourmet meals.  Alright, but then what are we going to eat?  No, seriously.  Do people actually make recipes for non-gourmet meals?  You see what I mean?

On another note, I still feel like baking.  What should I try next?


Cooking Terms Demystified

Sure wish I had something like this when I first started cooking!  Would’ve saved me from some confusion.

Today I finally put my stand-mixer to use!  I’m not sure it was really that necessary but seriously, it’s pretty fun.  My only question now is how long do I whisk until smooth and is it possible to over-whisk mochi “batter”? (would it be called batter?)