Overcooked Tea

I have a habit of overcooking my tea, not on purpose.  I pour the hot water, and let the bag sit, and think, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”  And off I go on my computer and before you know it, I have no idea how many minutes it has been.  Story of my life, ever since a desktop computer was brought into my household as a kid.  Hubby and I have decided we don’t want screens in the bedroom.  And so if we ever have children and they get my affinity for technology, I guess they will hate us.  🙂

On another note, Jcrew has shut down its bridal line.  This is old news, but I hadn’t written about it or read about it, but today I skimmed an article by happenstance.  I’d like to thank Jcrew for supposedly inspiring the casual wedding with its attire so I could feel like myself on my wedding day.  😛  How do you write so the “:p” emoticon comes through?  Sometimes I like to say annoying things, just to be annoying, but I don’t want people to actually think I’m anything more than half-serious about the annoying things…..  Err.  Or am I?  Off-topic, but I originally created this blog with hopes that I would stick to the rules of English grammar and punctuation, which I hardly do in any of my blogs, but as you can see, I veered off that path …  I like emoticons, ill-placed ellipses, and non-words too much.

Back on topic.  Every once in awhile in the past two years, I have seen beautiful wedding dresses and said to my hubby, “Can we get married again?” Sometimes, I wish I could have a second wedding where I would actually dress up like a princess, but in the end I’m happy we did things the way we did.  Dressed up as a princess, I probably would have walked around feeling glamorous, self-conscious, or like a fraud, or like all of the above.  We’ll never know.  Luckily, Pinterest has finally let me give it the hint that I am no longer planning for a wedding.   Hooray!



Random Experimental Yummy Tea

Just have to share this!  Today I tried this and it was yummy–

Numi Chocolate Roobois Tea (herbal, thus has no caffeine!)

A spoonful of mango honey from Honey Pacifica

Original flavored almond milk

= Delicious milk tea without caffeine!  Yum.

In No Particular Order

Said SpoonUniversity of Italian Baked Eggs.

Well I think they were wrong.  I put my ingredients in, in no particular order, with the milk on top.  Fifteen minutes later, the milk still looked like, well, milk.  Is it because I didn’t have basil?  I don’t know, maybe.  1/4 a cup is probably not something you can substitute out with dried basil as I did.  So there you have it.  A Saturday morning ambitious breakfast not quite looking like the recipe picture.  Hopefully it still tastes good!  I popped it in for five more minutes so I could get something a little more solid looking.  It’s kind of a cheesy, saucy, mess.  Here’s the end result:


The secret to my picture is not my cooking skills, it’s VSCO CAM.  The moral of the story is, they may say that order does not matter, but maybe it does.

On the bright side, the Chado Earl Grey Lavender tea my coworker got me a few years ago tastes absolutely delicious paired with milk and honey.  I don’t need to go to a cafe to get it anymore!  It’s that good.  Happy day!